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In response to the issues of environmental conservation and sustainable resources and under the NCKU’s Top-Tier Program, the multi-disciplinary Sustainable Environment Research Center (SERC) was established in early 2006, with amalgamation of Environment Resource Management Research Center, Environment Research Center, and Resource Recycling and Management Research Center. SERC’s vision is very clear: approaching “Zero Hazard, Zero Waste” and ensuring a sustainable environment. Under this vision, SERC’s research and development is focused on three major areas, i.e. health and environment, renewable resources, and environmental remediation. In order to help achieve a “low carbon, low risk, zero waste” society, SERC not only devotes to fundamental research, but also takes an industry-government-academia partnership approach in carrying out applied research as well as providing competent technical services to the public and private sectors.



NCKU Sustainable Environment Research Center
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