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Research and development division is responsible for SERC’s research and technological development. This division has one director and four research groups, including resource recovery、green energy、environmental remediation and water environment. Each of them is directed by a project manager. This division is supported by the top-tier program, and it cooperates with outstanding professors to develop proactive issues expecting to be seen internationally.

Research and development Division is a powerful group, including precision instruments and great researcher. We plan to become a top research institute through group cooperation. We also provide a complete service and solve the production problems. Devoting to be one of the government policy consult organization to protect and develop this country.

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Major Affairs or Equipment:


Laboratory Name
Person In Charge
Main Experiment Items
Soil Mechanics Lab.
Dr. Kung, Gordon Tung-Chin
Soil Triaxial Stress-Strain Test
Groundwater and Drinking Water Lab.
Dr. Hung, Wei-Nung
Partition of Organic Compounds in Environmental Systems, Adsorption Technology, Water Treatment
Decontamination and Reutilization Lab.
Dr. Chen, Yan-Min
Soil and Groundwater Remediation Technologies, Contaminant Transport and Fate Modeling, Water & Wastewater Treatment
Recycling Lab.
Dr. Chen, Wei-Sheng
Acidic Leaching, Alkaline Leaching, Filtration Process, & Washing Process
Thermal Treatment Lab.
Dr. Chen, Wei-Sheng
Drying Process, Roasting Process, & Melting Process
Pilot-Scale Lab.
Dr. Chen, Wei-Sheng
Ferrite Process, Surface Activated Process, Jar Test, Grinding, & Pelletizing
Screening Lab.
Dr. Lin, Kao-Hung
Dioxin Testing, Arsenic Species Analysis
Environmental Biotechnology Lab.
Dr. Wang, Yung-Fu
Molecular Biotechnology, Environmental Microbiology, Bioelectrochemistry, Bioenergy, Bioremediation
Air Clean Technology Lab.
Dr. Chien, Tsung-Wen
Dr. Hsueh, Hsin-Ta
Air Pollutions Sampling and Monitoring, Gaseous Pollutants Control Technology, Air Pollutions Recycle and Reuse
Metal Recovery Lab.
Metal Leaching, Metal Adsorption, Metal Purification, Metal Electric Winning, Metal Recovery

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