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Our center which is in the research platform, focuses on academia and application, and expects to become the bridge between school foundation research and industrial practice application. Teachers and researchers in our center are able to promote and propagandize the related technology and concept, and industries also can find applicable technology and related law from our center. Furthermore, our center is expected to become an international research center, it is necessary to strengthen collaboration with foreign and domestic research institutes and exchange experiences through attending conferences. It is also to push international collaboration research mechanism and integrate research capacity.

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Major Affairs or Equipment:

1. Domestic industry, government, and academic communication and collaboration
We research and develop innovative technology, and provide transfer. We also provide the services and consulting in environmental prevention, resource recycling, and energy saving & carbon reduction. According to the problems, we seek for the methods to solve through the industrial and academic collaboration.
    1.1  Industrial service
           1.1.1  Technical promotion
           1.1.2  Value-added technology
           1.1.3   Industry guidance
    1.2  Assisting apply for projects from Government
    1.3  Applying for projects from government with companies
           1.3.1  NSC Industrial & Academic collaboration research
           1.3.2  Environmental science and technology park
           1.3.3  Ministry of Economic Affairs, Department of Industrial Technology
                      a)Technology Development Program for Academi(TDPA
                      b)Industrial Technology Development Program(ITDP
                      c)Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR
Law consultation
    Environmental Law (Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan 
    Technic Law Ministry of Economic Affairs, Department of Industrial Technology 

2. Foreign and Domestic academic Communication
The objective is to become the top research institute in the whole world, so that the division of planning and promotion must promote the cooperation among the foreign and domestic famous research institutes, and strengthen research capacity through experiences exchange and research collaboration.
3. Patents and technology transfers
We build up a platform to assist the R&D division to apply patents and transfer technology to industry.
4. Project Administration
We manager the process of projects, and recording, communicating and controlling during the pried of projects running when necessary.
5. Research & Evaluation
It is a staff unit to integrate policy and responsible for research development, testing service, unified planning, employee assessment, technology management, publication currency, and file management
6. ISO standards
ISO is a standard to manage quality. Our center is going to advance this system to increase efficiency and competition.


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