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Provide to each institutes the followings:  Environment quality examination, agricultural product toxicity examination, water quality examination center (Environmantal Protection Administration signature approval NIEA No. 103) and agricultural safety examination laboratories. (approved by the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan R.O.C.) In addition, set up an amount of accurate equipments, drive innovative research, promote learning programs for industrial workers, provide authorized analyzing tests, and last but not least, train professionals for analysis and detection.

The National Cheng Kung University Sustainable Environment Research Center Test and Research group persists to train excellent professionals and to innovate detecting techniques. We also equip precise equipments to provide satisfying and high quality service in detection and analysis in fields of production, official, educational and research. We follow the rules of ISO 17025:2005 and promote management on quality and technological system by introducing the PDCA quality management circulation model system. Our group carries out our work following the national and international approved analyzing regulations and related quality control guidelines, and strictly manages the laboratory analyzing process in order to meet the requirements and control the stability of our system. All of the above is also a foundation for our system to have a continuous improvement in our system quality. We serve and fulfill our customers’ requirements based on the law and regulations. We also expect our service stays in a fair, independent, professional, and objective perspective.

Our laboratory requires all of our colleagues to be familiar with the managing handbook. They are also forbidden to participate in any activities that would have impact on our fairness. To fulfill the customers’’ requests, we guarantee fairness and honesty. We pay full responsibility to our reports, and through a series of activities about management, we provide guarantee for customers’’ trust. We hold a spirit of striving for perfection, and continuously improve our service for fulfilling our customers’’ request. In order to fulfill all of the above, we make sure that all of our colleagues agree with the goal of satisfying our costumers’’ needs.

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Major Affairs or Equipment:

Precision Instruments and Analysis Items

Heavy Metals/ materials
Chromatography/Organic compounds
Waste analysis
Flash Point Analyzer
Transmitters for Moisture Content in Oil


Testing type
◎Environmental compounds analysis
    Testing service:Heavey metal, Volatile organic compounds
    Components of underground water, drinking water, soil and wastes
    Application formAs attachment 1
◎Organic compounds analysis
  Testing service:Drug and Toxic materials, microbial, micro organic compounds,Agricultural products safety testing, Rapid testing of reservoir organic compounds, Antibiotics testing
    Price:By case/project
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◎Materials analysis
    Application formAs attachment 1


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