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In response to the issues of environmental conservation and sustainable resources and under the NCKU’s Top-Tier Program, the multi-disciplinary Sustainable Environment Research Center (SERC) was established in early 2006, with a holistic approach of three integrating subgroups:  Environment Resource Management Research Center, Environment Research Center, and Resource Recycling and Management Research Center. 
SERC will be a leading international research center dedicated to R&D on “Zero Hazard, Zero Waste”. Under this vision, SERC’s research and development is focused on three major areas, i.e. health and environment, renewable resources, and environmental remediation. 
Owing to people overdevelop and use resources for long time, resources exhausted, CO2 and waste caused, global warming, and natural disasters threaten human life. It becomes the most important issue in 21th century, which is how to accelerate resources developed and used to reduce disasters, waste, and CO2 exhaustion.
SERC is truly interdisciplinary: group members have expertise in environmental civil engineering, cooperates with college of science, social science, medicine, planning & design and related research center. The School’s research is focused around three strategic themes: including:
  1.  Safe and clean environment
  2.  Renewable resources and energy
  3.  Environmental remediation and hazard prevention
SERC incorporates the three themes to achieve advanced research and operation to initiate “zero waste, high efficiency, low pollution” operating principle.
Present current Objectives
1. Providing full-span sustainable environment services by integrated expertise of
environmental S&T and social sciences
2. Facilitating the development of a circular economy system through concerted effort in advanced environmental R&D and international collaboration
3. To become an international environmental research platform
Direction in the future
1. Strengthening international cooperation and strategic alliance, and enabling contributions to Asia Region
2. Continuing effort in research to assist the industry and the community achieve the goal.
3. Facilitating an effective mechanism of integration and cooperation with the social sciences, to provide a “total solution” sustainable environment services.

 Road Map

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